Commercial and Domestic Biomass Heating Systems

Biomass is rapidly becoming a popular and affordable option for both commercial and domestic heating customers. PG Plumbing have the skills and experience to specify your biomass heating system whether it's a 20kW domestic pellet boiler, or a 500kW industrial plant room.

Biomass systems offer customers an affordable and sustainable means to heat their homes and businesses. Whether you want a self-loading system fuelled by processed wood pellets, or you have a source of logs or woodchip available to you from farmland or your own managed woodlands there is a biomass system available to suit your needs.

Thanks to government schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive you can even earn money back from your commercial or domestic biomass installation!

Browse through our site to learn more about the various boiler systems and fuel types available, and discover how you can make money back from your biomass boiler via the UK Renewable Heat Incentive.

Biomass Installers for Leicestershire and the UK

Domestic Pellet Boiler Installation
A completed Domestic Pellet Boiler Installation

PG Plumbing are MCS registered and qualified to undertake a wide range of services regarding your planned or existing biomass heating installation. Whether you're seeking consulting services on a construction project, need your boiler cleaned and serviced or are looking for a company to provide and end-to-end specification and installation service PG Plumbing will be able to help.

Our services include:

  • Site surveys and fuel store specification
  • Flue design and specification
  • Assistance with conservation and planning control application
  • Boiler room design
  • Fuel store design and construction
  • Installation and integration with existing systems
  • Annual safety and maintenance services
  • Emergency callouts
  • System repairs and reconditioning

Choosing a Biomass System

With a selection of fuels available it's important to select the right one early in the design process. The most common fuel types available are logs, wood chips and formed wood pellets, the requirements and designs varying considerably between them.

To learn more about biomass fuels and to help guide you on which fuel source is most appropriate please check out the Biomass Fuel Types section of the site and give us a call to discuss your requirements!

Renewable Heat Incentives

To encourage the uptake of renewable fuel systems the UK Government is currently offering several schemes that help to reduce the installation costs of biomass systems as well as providing ongoing payments based on the amount of heat you generate. The scheme currently covers commercial biomass installations with subsidies for domestic heating customers due to be announced in Autumn 2012.