Solar PV Installation in Leicestershire and the Midlands

Save money on your electricity bill by installing solar PV on your unused roof space!

With a Solar PV installation it's possible to not only cut your electricity bills but also, via UK Government payback schemes, earn money from your roof space!

PG Plumbing are able to undertake a wide range of PV Installation projects ranging from small domestic 2-4kW systems, to commercial PV arrays of over 50kW!

Our services include:

  • Site survey and roof inspection
  • CAD visualisation
  • Electrical connection and commissioning
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Installation of panels at roof and ground level
  • System design and specification
  • Extensions and upgrades to existing systems

How Does it Work?

CAD Visualisation with Winter Shading

The solar panels themselves are mechanically very simple. They consist of layers of silicon deposited on a rigid backing, housed in a durable aluminium frame. When sunlight falls on the panel it creates an electrical charge in the silicon, the brighter the sunlight the more electricity that is produced. The generated electricity is "Direct Current" or DC and, as you may know, household electricity is AC, or "Alternating Current". The panels are thus connected to a device called an Inverter that converts the DC power into AC that can be used in the home. The inverters can be simple units that perform only the function of converting from DC to AC, or they can be more sophisticated and provide the owner with information such as how much power is being generated, what times of the day are most efficient and if any problems have been detected in the array.

Measuring the power output of the solar panels can be a tricky process as there are many different methods and test conditions that can affect the output. Typically panels are rated in "Kilowatts peak" (kWp). This is the amount of power generated at absolute peak performance in full direct summer sunlight. What is important to factor in is that the weather in the UK is seldom full sunlight, and when comparing which panel to buy even though one manufacturer might have a higher kWp rating, it may perform less optimally in UK weather conditions.

If you are interested in investing in a solar PV system for your home or business, please get in touch with us so that we can provide recommendations on which panels are the best for your budget and application!

Costs and Benefits

A typical domestic PV solar system is between 3.5 and 4 kWp and as of March 2012 would cost approximately £9,000-£11,000 depending on installation location, panel prices and the chosen inverter. Whilst smaller installations in the 2kWp range are possible they are less cost effective ad the recommendation is that if you can fit a 4kWp installation in your available roof space to aim for that.

From a 4kWp system you can expect to generate approximately 3,300 kilowatt hours per year in the UK. This accounts for almost all electricity use for a modest home's needs within a year. However because you cannot store the generated electricity, it wouldn't do to have it go to waste. That's why you are able to feed unused electricity back into the grid and receive payments for doing so! In addition to this, the UK Government are running a "Feed In Tariff" scheme, or FIT scheme, which pays you 21p (As of March 2012) for every kWh you generate. This can mean a yearly subsidy income of as much as £690 per year (Approx), guaranteed for 25 years!

For more guidance on costing, make sure you check out the Solar Energy Calculator at the Energy Saving Trust site.

Key Benefits

  • Once installed, maintenance is minimal and the lifetime of the panels is guaranteed out to 25 years. As a result after the installation costs you will receive free electricity for the lifetime of the system!
  • If you are generating more power than you use, or are generating it when you're not at home to take advantage of it, you can sell the excess back to the grid
  • Help to reduce your CO2 footprint, by no longer fully relying on carbon-based fossil fuels for your power needs
  • Earn money from your solar PC system through UK Government payback initiatives