Reduce your heating bills with a Solar Hot Water System

Installing a solar hot water system can massively reduce your gas and electricity bills for hot water heating all year round!

Solar Hot Water Systems

Domestic Solar Hot Water (DSHW) systems utilise the energy radiated by the sun to heat the water used in the home. Depending on the size of the installation and the weather conditions DSHW systems can be soley responsible for heating the water supply, or can be used in conjunction with a more traditional boiler or electric heater to help reduce your energy bills.

Without a solar system in place your existing boiler or immersion heater is required to heat water from the 10-15° ambient temperature of the cold water main, up to the 60-70°C required for hot baths and other domestic purposes. During the summer a solar system is capable of providing this level of hot water heating for free and during the winter months is capable of raising the base temperature of your water system to 45-55°C. This means that your boiler or immersion heater needs to add only 15°C of heat to the system, rather than a full 60°C. This presents a significant reduction in fuel and electricity usage which you'll see reflected in your energy bills!

How Does it Work?

Despite there being many different configurations for Domestic Solar Hot Water (DSHW) systems the principle is the same for all of them. The system comprises of a method of capturing the energy output of the sun (a solar collector) and a method of storing this energy until you need it, typically in a hot water storage tank. Despite what you might think DSHW systems don't require strong direct sunlight to operate efficiently. DSHW systems generate a surprising amount of heat even in wintery or overcast conditions making them ideal for use in the UK where bright sunny days are not particularly frequent or predictable!

There are several differing types of collector, along with many different ways of configuring the hot water storage section of the system. Just get in touch and PG Plumbing can discuss your requirements and come up with a system design that both meets your needs and saves you money on your fuel bills. With no end in sight to the price rises forced upon us by the energy wholesalers it's never been a better time to reduce your energy consumption so give us a call today!

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Our Services

PG Plumbing offers a wide variety of support services aimed at those that intend to install a micro-generation system.   These range from site surveys through to handover documentation and all the stages in between! The customer can decide what level of involvement we have and many choose to undertake parts of the work themselves; both satisfying and providing a substantial cost saving over fully fitted systems.

However you wish to work and whatever your project, PG Plumbing will be able to work with you to achieve your end goals.

Our services include:

  • Site survey for solar, wind, geothermal and hydro power systems
  • Overview and Granular System Design
  • Planning considerations (where appropriate)
  • Installation oversight for builders, contractors and DIY projects
  • Solar Hot Water / Solar PV system installation
  • Commissioning and Certification of Solar Hot Water systems
  • Fault finding and system repair
  • Training to tradesmen and industry